Good Material
The incoming raw material procured only from high quality pipe manufacturers, approved by Sang Shin, are checked for chemistry and dimensional parameters with the raw material specifications of Sang Shin, prior to processing. Any deviations noted in the raw material are immediately notified to the Mill for corrective action.
Accurate Dimension
Our advanced drawing equipments result in cylinders having high dimensional accuracy that are particularly suitable for automobile, ship, machinery, aircraft, heavy-equipments, electricand electronic facilities, etc. Accurate dimensions of the tubes and pipes make additional machining process unnecessary.
Smooth Surface
Our tubes and pipes have smooth surfaces, which make them particularly suitable for such machine parts as barrel cylinders of hydraulic machines and tools, shock absorber, bicycle hubs, etc.
Uniform Mechanical Properties
Processing conditions are controlled accurately by digital controller make the material of uniform mechanical properties and increased workability.
Orders Dealt with Promptly
The flexible production system is geared to meet the requirements of client and products on schedule whatever the size of the order. A special emphasis is placed on prompt delivery.